6 December 2023

Tempura Chicken Nugget Lettuce Cups from chef Manu Feildel & daughter Charlee give unique twist to San Choy Bao

Celebrity chef dad, Manu Feildel, and his daughter Charlee have been busy in the kitchen, and they’ve created a delicious recipe cooking with Ingham’s frozen Tempura Chicken Nuggets. Manu and Charlee’s Tempura Chicken Nugget Lettuce Cups recipe is a twist on San Choy Bao that is fun to cook with the littlest chefs and will please even the fussiest eaters.

And with Manu and Charlee filming their chicken recipe creation, we’ve been given a peak into the action in the Feidel family’s kitchen…

Charlee: “I’ve been a kid for more than eight years now, and it’s time for us to mix things up. I adore Mumma’s San Choy Bao, but what if we switch it up and use chicken nuggets instead?

Manu: “That’s a brilliant idea! How about we serve it in lettuce cups, with vermicelli noodles, some fresh salad veggies, chicken nuggets, and a delicious dressing on top?

Into the air-fryer go the Tempura Chicken Nuggets. Manu gets the noodles noodling and Charlee shows off her impressive dress-shaking skills. Soon it’s time to combine it all together.

  • Lettuce, tick.
  • Vermicilli noodles, tick.
  • Salad veggies, tick.
  • Perfectly crunchy chicken nuggets, tick.
  • Dressing, tick.
  • Delicious and fun, tick!

When asked who the better cook is, Charlee doesn’t miss a beat. “He’s pretty good, but I think I’ve got the edge.”

And Manu’s opinion? He agrees!

HOW TO MAKE Manu & Charlee’s Tempura Chicken Nugget Lettuce Cups

Simple take individual baby cos lettuce leaves and fill with a delicious vermicelli rice noodle vegie mixture, made of shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, sliced red capsicum, and spring onions dressed with rice wine vinegar, hoisin sauce, and lime juice. Top each with 1-2 cooked Ingham’s Chicken Breast Nuggets Tempura and drizzle with mayonnaise. These could also be easily substituted with Ingham’s GF Chicken Breast Nuggets!

Download the recipe.

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