About Us

About Ingham's

We’re committed to being Always Good - and it rings as true today as it did when we first began. Every day, we come together to bring joy to the table and smiles to faces. ​

When Walter Ingham first started the company in 1918, his intention was to bring people together over a meal. Over 100 years later, it’s still what we strive to do. Today, we provide more protein than any other poultry business in the region, employing more than 8,000 people. We are always innovating and evolving – to do better, be better and create moments of Always Good in everything we do. ​

It’s in our DNA to be ethical always. To invest in our future. To consider how we can create a better, more sustainable world as we work towards becoming Australia and New Zealand’s first choice in poultry. ​

Our Partners

Working in new ways

We take great pride in partnering with a wide range of exceptional businesses, which enables Ingham's to deliver delicious, high-quality food to people across Australia and New Zealand.

These strategic partnerships not only allow us to offer consumers a diverse and convenient range of premium products but also to jointly develop sustainable delivery solutions.

Our partners

We are collaborating with our partners to grow the sustainability of our business and to make a positive change in our community. Across everything we do, we will continue to learn more, do more and grow more on our journey to be always good.


Ingham’s Farming

For us, animal well-being encompasses more than just providing our chickens with high-quality nourishment, clean water, and secure housing. It also entails granting them the freedom to move, perch, engage in physical activity, and socialize with other chickens comfortably. Similar to the meticulous training of a professional athlete, we closely scrutinize every aspect of their diet. By extending the same level of compassion and respect to our chickens as we do to people, we are confident that the food we deliver to every family's dining table is not only safe and healthy but also of the highest quality.

We are deeply committed to the health and nutritional needs of our animals.

In order to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards in raising our meat chickens, we establish partnerships with organizations that prioritize animal welfare. Ingham's takes pride in its role as a Producer within the SPCA Approved.

The SPCA's standards for meat chickens prioritize creating a high-quality and enriched living environment for the birds. This includes aspects such as reduced stocking densities, effective litter management, optimal air ventilation, and providing access to perches. Meanwhile, the Standards set by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia Ltd aim to establish a stress-free environment for our birds, ensuring they have access to the outdoors.

Additionally, we uphold the guidelines outlined in the National Farm Biosecurity Manual for Poultry Production, guaranteeing the well-being and disease-free status of our animals. Our in-house feed mill operations and veterinary teams play a pivotal role in monitoring the health and welfare of our animals. They maintain close collaboration with our farming team to consistently prioritize our animals' welfare, ensuring they receive the highest quality nutritional meals.



As one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest providers of poultry for more than 100 years, sustainability is not new to us. We’re proud of our many achievements to date but the world is changing like never before. Our ambition is to be the leader in sustainable poultry; so we’re stepping up and out to address key global imperatives.

Our 2030 sustainability leadership roadmap requires us to challenge ourselves to make necessary changes, invest in the work required and collaborate with our partners and customers. Crucially, our approach to the roadmap is based on empowering and enabling our people to make the decisions required to achieve our commitments.

WHY we are embarking on this journey

  • Our leadership ambition
  • What being a leader in sustainablepoultry means to us
  • Our role in the food system

WHAT we have set out to do

  • Our 2030 SustainabilityLeadership Roadmap
  • Flagship Initiatives
  • Our Commitments

How we aim to achieve our commitments

  • Developing 2030 Sustainability Leadership Roadmap
  • Our transformation journey
  • Sustainability Governance at Ingham’s
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