6 December 2023

Mexi-Bean Loaded Chicken Chipees from chef Manu and daughter Charlee

A perfect sharing-dish for a quick and easy weekday chicken dinner, movie night or nibbles for guests, celebrity chef Manu Feildel and his daughter Charlee have created this delicious recipe for Mexi-Bean Loaded Chicken Chipees.

It all started when Charlee wanted to go out for dinner and indulge in loaded fries. Manu, comfy at home in his slippers, just wanted a chilled night in. The compromise (isn’t there always one?!) – Manu invited Charlee to join him in the on-screen kitchen to help get Dinner Done Ingham’s-style cooking Mexi-Bean Loaded Chicken Chipees!

Charlee: “Papa, I always see you judging people on TV. So, because I really want those loaded fries, tonight I’ll be judging you. No pressure.

Manu’s response? He just gets to work getting Dinner Done.

So easy to make, you simply cook Ingham’s Chicken Chippees, top with kidney beans, corn, chunky Mexican salsa, then scatter with grated cheese. Bake for 4-5 minutes then scatter with halved cherry tomatoes and top with coriander. Serve guacamole and sour cream on the side.

Download the recipe.

And the final score Charlee gives her celebrity chef dad? “Presentation, good. Smell, good. Taste, good. Well, I would give you a 10, but it’s missing something…

Well, no one can be perfect!

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